eichlers Beyond

Beichlers Beyond is the name we chose to represent our family farm which is  located in Jarrettsville, Maryland.  Our farm is the home of an On-Farm Processing Kitchen licensed by the State of Maryland that produces breads and baked goods of the highest quality for local farmers markets and stores.  We use many organic and non-gmo ingredients to produce our products along with fresh ground flours from grains grown in Montana.  We use our own eggs that we offer to the public from our birds that are fed an organic soy free formula and grazed on our pastures.  These pastures are where we raise our pasture fed lambs for our customers that are interested in grass fed meat.  We are also in the process of growing a Registered Texel Flock and our lambs are a high percentage of this wonderful breed.  For more information feel free to browse our site and see all that we do!

Welcome to Beichlers Beyond